posted on 2022-06-10

"AI risk drone"

i want to coin the term "AI risk drone" to mean "person singlemindedly and as-optimizedly-as-possible dedicated to AI risk mitigation". the term "alignment drone" derives similarly.

i am doing this because i am unaware of existing terminology to mean this, and because given how bad things are we might need significant coordinated effort towards that end; AI risk mitigation is hard and it seems that not that many people are able and willing to help it significantly, but maybe optimizing/"brainwashing" (but in a voluntary and good way) are more studied areas where we can get some not-too-high-hanging fruit to boost the work, perhaps merely in exchange for dollars.

as for myself, i'm pretty decided that i'd want to become this if it were available.

posted on 2022-06-10

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