posted on 2022-08-13

anthropic mindfulness

in the past few months, especially since reading a lot about anthropics and experiencing some psychedelics, i have experienced moments that i'd describe as anthropic mindfulness.

they consist of stepping back from automatically processing not just my environment (as in mindfulness) but also automatically assuming the contents of my mind, so that they become factored out of what feels like normal background environment/assumptions/ground truth.

those moments fill me with feelings of wonder that might be transcribed into words as "woah! what a weird world to exist, and what a weird mind to inhabit! how come the one point of reality that seems real is this one?"

because of my general positive experience of life, they tend to make me optimistic about things. without doing any reasoning, at least from this moment-location, reality looks like good things.

it also helps reframe memories as merely artefactual evidence rather than ground truth, in the way that they normally feel as do other ungrounded intuitions.

posted on 2022-08-13

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