posted on 2022-09-07

ethics juice and anthropic juice

ethics juice is what differentiates how much one should care about two things which are otherwise equally as much moral patients — eg, when described as things that exist for sure, can be estimated to have about the same moral patienthood, such as two normal humans. for example:

anthropic juice is what determines what anthropic perspective one should expect to be more likely to observe the world from;

one reason i'm talking about these two notions is that they feel like they must surely at least correlate, if not be the same. for example, given a description of a future moral patient suffering, shouldn't how much i care be proportional to how likely it is for that person to experience existing?

to some, this post could also serve to help split up the two notions. while it sure feels like ethics juice and anthropics juice are to be the same thing, it is not necessarily the case, and one should be able to consider that possibility.

posted on 2022-09-07

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