posted on 2021-11-21

Genuineness, Existential Selfdetermination, Satisfaction: pick 2

imagine you have a world where one person wants the moon to be painted blue, and another wants the moon to be painted red.

they both mean the current actual physical moon as it exists now; they both refuse any "cheating" option such as duplicating the moon or duplicating reality, and they don't want their minds changed, nor to compromise.

there's three ways to resolve situations like this:

you can't have all three of those things.

many hedonists will happily sacrifice genuineness; authoritarians like to sacrifice existential selfdetermination.

as for me, for ∀V, i ultimately sacrifice satisfaction: while people can choose to become mistaken about things, the default is that they get to access the actual true state of things.

posted on 2021-11-21

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