posted on 2022-02-03

hackable multiverse

in a previous post i talk about how hackable physics might allow a superintelligence to take over very quickly (perhaps faster than the speed of light).

in psi rewriting i propose that multiversehood can be more cleanly described as a particularly implemented feature of the cosmos, rather than an intrinsic thing.

but, if the cohabitation of multiple timelines is indeed an implemented feature rather than a primitive one, then there is a possibility that it is hackable, and that a superintelligence could hack across timelines.

now, it is to be noted that even if hackability exists, it might still be limited: perhaps there something like a light cone at play, or perhaps a given timeline can only access a finite number of other timelines.

it is to be remembered that timelines are not slots, they're not variables that hold values; timelines are the values themselves. still, hackability could mean some branches of the causality graph stop getting computed, for example.

either way, under these conditions, even quantum immortality might not save us from an X-risk superintelligence, and given recent developments, we should panic a lot.

posted on 2022-02-03

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