posted on 2022-12-15 — this post is currently unlisted, please don't share it publicly

about locked posts

i'd like a way to publish content to a limited amount of people, especially when potential AI capability exfohazards are involved. for that reason, i've added to my blog the feature of 🔒locked posts: some of the posts i publish are gonna be encrypted, and only users to whom i send a key will be able to decrypt them. i also published the first such post today.

if want a key, you can shoot me an email at , DM me after joining my AI alignment discord, or DM me on twitter. keep in mind that i'm probly gonna be somewhat conservative, considering the expected value of giving someone a key to locked posts is not just a function of how harmless it would be for them to read it, but also of how useful it would be. finally, make sure to contact me from an email or account which i can be confident actually belongs to who you say you are.

when you encounter a locked post, you get to input the key you've been given. by default, your browser will store this key in order to automatically unlock posts in the future; you can uncheck the corresponding box to disable this. alternatively, once your browser has stored a key, you will be able to use a button in the top-right corner of any page on my blog to delete it. needless to say, i'd rather people their keys to themselves.

the feature is implemented with two layers of encryption: each post has its own encryption key, and a copy of that key is then encrypted with every user's key; only these encrypted keys are stored on the server hosting this blog. someone with access to that server could figure out how many users exist and which IP address and User-Agent they use, but not necessarily which people have a key; and they wouldn't be able to decrypt any locked post without also having such a key themself.

posted on 2022-12-15 — this post is currently unlisted, please don't share it publicly

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