posted on 2019-07-28

Some post- words for the future


I would like to coin the world post-geometry to mean any setting which isn't mainly a euclidean or mostly-euclidean, typically three-dimensional space.

For example, any place IRL is geometric, but websites are mostly post-geometry; the interconnected graph of hypertext documents don't typically form a euclidean geometry.

The term will become particularly useful when we live more in more not in physical but in virtual places, and there will tend to be personal preferences for more geometric settings vs more abstract, "post-geometry" settings.

The "post" in "post-geometry" implies that this is/will be seen as an old-school type of thinking, as in the past geometric places were all we had, when we were living exclusively IRL.

Personal stance: I think I'd like to keep with geometric places, virtual or not, for the time being. I dunno. I guess I'll see how I feel about it when nervegear comes around.


Post-aggression means any world in which all forms of physical aggression on individuals, and perhaps on their physical private property, are virtually non-existent.

It may or may not include aggression on virtual property and/or intellectual property.

Post-aggression is a very liberal concept; it's related to the notion of the NAP; but NAP generally implies some form of anarcho-capitalist style enforcement by threat of violence, whereas post-aggression can be achieved in other ways as well, such as omnipresent invulnerability-granting nanomachines like in 17776.

Personal stance: post-aggression would mostly be great, but maybe it doesn't have to be absolutely enforced. Maybe some amount of discomfort is expectable, as well as some amount of theft, such as the case of taxes used for democratically determined public goods. As for intellectual property, I personally don't consider infringement on it to be aggression, as I'm an intellectual property abolitionist.


Post-human means exploring beyond notions of what it means to be human, mostly in lifestyle choices. Living in post-geometry settings would be a great example of post-humanism, as would be uploading one's mind into a non-humanoid body.

This term is to be opposed to "human-core" — the delibirate conservation of human values and culture, like being walking, thinking meat that eats foods and experiences pain and pleasure.

Personal stance: for the moment, I'd just like to be very cautious about post-humanism.

posted on 2019-07-28

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