posted on 2022-03-04


(spoilers for episode 8 of girls' last tour)

it feels to me like there is special about recognition by other persons. i will call it "recognition" — the fact of having one's experience be percieved by other persons, and valuing things about that.

recognition can be across not just space but also time; while people in the present recognizing the experiences of people in the past is a common thing, in the example above it is a society of the past that recognizes the experiences of future persons, through the symbol of the statue.

in general, i care a lot about recognition. i feel like things i do are particularly more meaningful if even just one person percieves it, in a way maybe akin to how the subaltern finds their voice (spoilers for Bladerunner).

this leads me to weird situations like valuing "pity points"; but in general, being a member of a society where some persons percieve my experiences, and others percieve theirs and so on in one wide web of mutual recognition, is a very homely feeling, and i feel like it is one i wouldn't want to be false (for example by everyone else being non-conscious high-fidelity NPCs as could exist in dishonest simulations).

posted on 2022-03-04

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