posted on 2020-11-15

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Two Principles For Topia

the more i think about it, the less i think the solution to Moloch is a single benevolent Elua; or, in other terms, we shouldn't implement Elua, but we should enact reasonable principles which Elua might want to implement herself.

here are what i currently believe to be the two principles that form the basis of a largely freedom-conserving utopia:

in my current opinion, those two principles must be enforced for the basis of a utopia to be form. the rest can be done through the voluntary action of persons (hopefully), but these two principles are what Elua/the singularity is to enforce for the continued free and valueful life of persons to be guaranteed.

Voluntaryism alone is not enough, and this is largely missed by what i'm tempted to call right-wing utopians; not just abusive structures, but systematically self-reinforcing abusive structures, can and will still happen even under a complete voluntary society. Meditations on Moloch addresses this largely with coordination, but coordination only hopefully wins battles; the addition of DNPF permanently wins the war.

DNPF alone is not enough either, and this is what is largely missed by what i'm tempted to call left-wing utopians; in a virtual world of minds where resources are fairly allocated between persons, there can still be abuse, plagues, malthusian traps, and so on; and ultimately abusive structures, just of a different kind. the common left-wing answer of organizing people (and the scarier "changing culture to make people systematically organize against those" which, if voluntary, is largely wishful thinking, and if not, insanely violates self-determination and the values of persons) only wins battles; the addition of Voluntaryism permanently wins the war.

posted on 2020-11-15

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